Icons Donated

Icons of Christ and St Nicholas

On Sunday,  June 20 we received the Icons of Christ and St. Nicholas.

Icons of Christ and St Nicholas donated
Icons of Christ and St Nicholas

Icons of the Theotokos

On Sunday,  July 8 we received two icons of the Theotokos, the Kazan and Three Hand Icon of the Theotokos.

Kazan Icon

Kazan Icon of Theotokos

Three Hands Icon

Icon of the Mother of God of “the Three Hands”

Our benefactors

Our benefactors are in the one photo Lyubov Ganchenko and Galina Stoyanova, in the other photo are Angelina Anderson, Eugene Solonin and Nina Zubova.

Icons donated by Lyubov Ganchenko and Galina Stoyanova
Icons donated by

The icons are all 19th century and adorn our chapel dedicated to the Mother of God.

Many and blessed years to our dear friends and benefactors.

Through the prayers of the Theotokos save us!

Bishop praying before the icons of Christ and St Nicholas